Jul 12, 2017

Meet the Queen...

These are our 'Lemon Queen' sunflowers! They're just starting to bloom--right in the sweet spot before they start to look bedraggled & ruin the border, har.

I've never grown this type before; it was a whim, when I was at the nursery. Jason likes sunflowers so I got a package of 'Lemon Queen' seeds and also 'Vanilla Ice'—which hasn't bloomed yet.

The 'Lemon Queen' seed package says they reach 7' tall.  But I'm thinking 8'-9'? It also says this:

"Lemon Queen is the sunflower variety being grown for a multi-year bee count project to gather information about native bee populations. More than 100,000 citizen-scientists across the US and Canada participate in the research by counting the number of bees that visit their Lemon Queen plants."

Oddly--I haven't seen any bees on them yet.  Most of the bees I see are on our Bladderpods (also known as "California Cleome" or "Burrofat."  Ew.).

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