Jun 27, 2017

Look who's here (already)...

I planted this guy just ~10 days ago! Ipomoea 'Tickle Me Pink' :

Pleeeezegod don't tell me I'll be sorry for planting an ipomoea (morning glory)...I'm hoping for the best, as it's not the standard blue (read: rampant) variety.  What a happy bloom to wake up to!

Some other pics from this morning...

Sally Holmes:

I can't believe how big she's gotten over the past few weeks, and how round the bloom clusters are.  I'd heard they were kinda like hydrangea blooms--& it's true!

A bird's eye view of our annual bed:

You can just see the new zinnia ('Benary's Giant Lime,' from Annie's) I planted, in the center/right of photo.  Something is eating the hell out of it; I suspect a baby grasshopper--of which we have MANY.  Also, can you tell I like Paludosum daisies?  I DO.  Also--a sprawling white lantana to the left that I didn't need but had to have, & a hot (manly) pink vinca--b/c they thrive in our HEAT.

The end of the annual bed, with 2 succulents mixed in:

This was more or less my only proper placement of succulents this past spring. :(  I made a rookie mistake and baked most of them in too much sun, but fortunately these 2 are getting some nice shade from the Pentas.

Lastly, our Madagascar jasmine:

Will be blooming (please!) in 3...2....

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