Jun 21, 2017

A Summer Obsession.

Lately, in addition to Jason, I'm obsessed with our Cup of Gold vine (Solandra Maxima). Its flowers will eventually look like this:

But it was NOT looking like this. It was looking very SICKLY after planting in March, with limp yellowy leaves, and no vigor at all.

I went to Walter Andersen's last month to ask them about it.
I was referred to their "Vine Lady."  I described our vine, and she claimed that I was over-watering.  I asked her if it was a goner—if I should just replace it & start over.

She said, "Honestly, you'll just end up making the same mistake—so replacing it would be a waste of money."

Um, okay Vine Lady Oddly-Hostile Lady.

So I went home & decided to treat the vine as if it had an insect problem, and sprayed its leaves with neem oil.  Then I fertilized it with my favorite:

It smells like hell. But it works swell.

Because just a few weeks later, it looks like this! :
Tons of new growth!  Deep green glossy leaves! No signs of stress!  & Jason built out the trellising behind it--so we're weaving its branches into it!

Someday soon, maybe it'll look like this:

How's that for atmosphere?  I'm in love!

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