May 10, 2017

Restless natives.

A gardener is excited about her latest plant.  To that end, I've left the front yard alone lately, as it's all planted and I can't do much but weed.  And wait.

My new favorite native plant nursery is Tree of Life in San Juan Capistrano:

When fall comes and we add a few more native plants to the front yard, this is where Jason and I will go.  It's a beautiful, relaxing place.  And good Mexican food nearby :).

Here are some of the natives that are doing well...

Penstemon 'margarita bop':

We have more of these than any other plant. They're super hardy by all accounts, and very lush in this spot by the street (good drainage there?).

Despite the horrific name, I love this plant!  It's the yellow one to the left... the orange one on the right was a mislabeled monkey flower that I planted right beside the fledgling bladderpod as a visual cue NOT TO STEP ON MY BLADDERPOD, NEIGHBOR KIDS.  GET OFF MY LAWN, ETC.  I don't need the visual cue any more, as you can see.  A very wild, mountain-y plant.

Verbena lilacina 'de la mina':
These are finally filling out.  They're supposed to attract butterflies, but I haven't seen much of that yet.

Monkey flower 'burst lemon':
These are winding down, but they've produced a ton of happy blooms for us.

Golden yarrow:
Who'd have thought I'd be so happy about a common yarrow?  But I had 2 others that died from too much rain, and this one took forever to recover & bloom.  

Next on the wish list: a bench!  Where we can sit and watch the show... that's Jason's domain.  Another wish: bird bath!

I am going to try and get us certified as a Wildlife Habitat (yes, you can do that), but it will be a while yet...

May 3, 2017

Plum (& Pluot) Crazy

I don't write much about the back-back yard b/c there's not much going on back there yet, except THIS....our Flavor King Pluot tree!

And this is our Santa Rosa Plum tree:

I am hoping upon hope that we'll get some fruit this year.  The trees were planted about a month ago & are putting out a lot of healthy growth.

These 2 trees are Jason's selections, but I am also very excited b/c I'll be able to make THE CAKE:
I made it about 6 times last summer (from store-bought or farmer's market plums). It is easy & sublime!

In the meantime, we'll eat the lettuce & herbs from the raised bed Jason built us.  I'm hoping to get enough basil to make pesto more than once this year (upper-right corner), but I think I need more plants for that, & I don't have the best luck with basil.  PLUMS & PLUOTS, ON THE OTHER HAND (fingers crossed)...