Feb 21, 2017

Early successes...and yes, failures.

It's now been one month since Jason and I filled our front yard with CA natives.  I've been delighted...and occasionally disappointed.

Let's focus on the good.  The following are plants that seem happy @ Casa Jolly:

Ceanothus 'Joyce Coulter.'  These were already blooming in their 5-gal containers & continue to do so, with much new growth:

Penstemon 'Margarita BOP.'  Tons of buds on all (I have ~10), but this is the first one that bloomed:

Salvia 'Pt Sal.' These are so happy I might have to get a bunch more?

Ribes Aureum / Golden Currant. Found this today @ Walter Anderson. It's getting a little late in the season to plant, but I just had to! The birds will love it.  Unfortunately, I think I put in in a spot that gets too much sun (where I pulled out a dead Bladderpod, ew) but ya never know.  I found lots of worms when I planted it!  YAY--gardeners love worms.

The plant failures were so ugly that I couldn't bear to photograph them, but they included: a San Diego Sunflower (2 left), a Bladderpod (2 left), and--most painfully--a Bush Poppy. I still have one Bush Poppy left.

To end on a (literally) high note: here's a pic of the basket that hangs in front of our purple door. Not a CA native, but definitely drought tolerant...Scaevola Aemula.  I love this plant!

Feb 14, 2017

Hello, hello....is this on??

Hi there!

I live at Casa Jolly with my boyfriend.  "Jolly" is an amalgam of our 2 names (Holly & Jason).  We moved back to San Diego last year (zone 10a) in order to live at Casa Jolly and grow the garden of our dreams. Well, mostly my dreams--but J is an awfully good sport.

Here are some Before pictures of the front yard of Casa Jolly:

Yes, our front door is PURPLE.  Also note: I let everything go to hell when we decided to take out the lawn and replace it with Ca natives.  That green part in front is lantana, b/c you can't kill it with a stick.  Here are two more before-views:

Note the neighbor's motor home. It is always there (I know) so its shade had to be incorporated into the planting design.  Last view:

Please note rose bush in foreground that my mother would Not let me toss...she made me dig it up and give it to her, oy.  Tree in far corner is a jacaranda.  Was growing into the power line so we got it removed.

Now, for the unveiling!  We planted last month:

Look at all the tiny little plants!  We kept the bottlebrush tree (not a CA native, but the birds are crazy about it so we kept it for them). We also kept the bougainvillea at left of the door, b/c J and I planted it together when we first moved in & J built its trellis. Awwww.

Another view.  Largest plant in center, above, is a 'Sunset' manzanita (everyone has to have one, right?).  The spindly, twisty plant at lower left is a 'Snowball' manzanita.  Probably not the best place for it, out in so much sun, but we'll see.

You can't really tell, but this--above--is our swale!  Yes, we have our own swale!  No kids, but yes a swale!  I'm open to suggestions about how to make it look less like a shallow grave, btw.  The neighbors are very.confused. "What is that?" They ask.  I barely know what it is myself!  The 3 lighter-colored plants at top-right are Salvia 'Pt. Sal.'  They're doing very well, lots of buds now.

Last photo: the very common, very purple, Verbena lilacina 'de la mina.' I LOVE saying that, the whole name together.  I have SIX of these.  They are SOOO PURPLE.  They go with our door.

Welcome to Casa Jolly.  We're glad you stopped by!